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Educators Liability

educators liabilityPrior acts coverage : Any acts of error or omission giving rise to financial liability of management prior to the policy inception date from a specified date can be covered.

Broad definition of employment practices : Liability of management arising out of & in connection with staffing practices including legal expenses for defense of management.

Broad definition of educator’s errors and omissions : Since the policy is specifically designed for educational institutions errors specific to the institutions like any challenges related to admission procedure or expulsion procedure are included.

Coverage is determined separately for each individual (severability) : Even when claim is against a particular trustee/ director due to his act of error or omission other trustees/ directors are automatically covered against any claim for the same.

Spousal Liability coverage : Where due to act of of error or omission of a director/ trustee the property jointly held with spouse is attached the defense cost incurred/ loss suffered by spouse is also covered.