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Staff Protection


In our day to day lives, we are exposed to many risks associated either with Accidents or Illnesses. And with the ever increasing costs associated with Hospitalization, it can mean a drain on your precious savings. Not any more. With the Staff Protection Policy, you can provide your employees/members the optimum cover they require.

We strive to use an innovative approach to develop health insurance products that cut costs while maintaining superior coverage. Our Health Insurance Package is tailored specifically to fit the needs of your group.

A group health insurance plan provides cover to all the members in a single policy.

There are several advantages over Buying an individual policy, which are:-

– Lower Premium Costs
– Customized Policy
– Cover for all members
– Cashless Claims across Network Hospitals
– Provides Incentive for having affiliation with the group
– Cover From day One of member joining the group.

It is no secret that members do value health insurance benefits. Whether you are an organization or a small group, you could attract and retain the best talent in the industry by providing comprehensive health insurance benefits.